What you can expect:

  • a clear vision of what success and happiness look like for you
  • a clear path to your goal that fits who you are and what you believe in
  • motivation and support while you take strides toward your goal
  • a better understanding of your strengths and how to use them
  • insights on how to turn your weaknesses and battles into strengths
  • a warm and safe space

What you will not get:

  • Someone who does all the work for you. Because, let’s face it, your happiness depends on you and on you alone.
  • A validation for staying in your comfort zone. If you are not ready to change your life, now is not the time.
  • A ready-made receipt for universal happiness. I truly believe your happiness is as unique as you.

So if you are ready to take your own way to your happiness, Tea for the Mind is just for you!